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The Series Rundown | Uncitizens Update

So, in the past two months, I’ve written over 27,000 words by hand. That’s like 135 pages in my notebook and I’m not even close to finishing the novel. Since it’s a dual pov, things are just now picking up. Sometimes I favor one point of view when writing by hand, cuz one of the POVs has stuff already written and so I do a lot of copying, while the other is fresh and new. Sometimes I prefer to write Jekkh because I don’t have to overthink–just copy and breathe life into it, but other times I really like to delve into the worldbuilding and culture of Camrun.

Right now, it’s the latter. I am loving to write from Camrun’s POV, but am finding myself getting sidetracked since I have added new characters who are part of the Persythian military, the Sentry, and have fallen in love with them. So, now I have plans for a future book about them.

It’s easy and so hard being a writer because I know the pasts and storylines of so many characters and it’s all up in my head, though I wish I could instantly write it, but that’s not possible. So, I will have to write many books to cover the epic events of my characters’ lives.

This whole universe will take forever to write because I keep coming up with book ideas. Here are some relatively vague examples in chronological order:

  1. The Cloud Breach (Standalone novel). Set in 2007.
  2. Alpha Scavengers (Standalone or 2-4 book series about first Earthlings in Rissanorr galaxy). Set in 2025.
  3. Age of Pletnorr (Maybe 3-5 books for an anthology/standalone series about the expansion of the Rissanorr galaxy. Would be cool to collab with other authors). Set between 2025-2325.
  4. The Lost Quadrants (Another anthology/standalone series or short stories about the other Scavengers as a new era starts. Maybe 3-5 books). Set between 2325-2625.
  5. Ex-M (standalone book or 2-3 book series). Set in 2625.
  6. Ionna (standalone following a really cool character. It might turn into a duology). Set between 2657-2670 at least.
  7. Expedition Nu (at least a 3-5 book series to set up the events of Uncitizen’s Ship, but depending on plot arcs, it might be longer). Starts in 2675, but might span over many years.
  8. Space Dad (a standalone about a guy being the best space dad). Set in the mid-to-late 2670s.
  9. Scavengers of the Rim/Working Title (space pirate duology or trilogy to set up characters for certain events). Set anywhere between the 2670s to the 2680s.
  10. 32nd Order (standalone or 2-3 book series following the 32nd Order of the Persythian Sentry as they accidentally start a rebellion maybe). Set in the late 2670s and early 2680s. The timeline has not been figured out yet.
  11. The Jerroan War (Jekkh’s parents’ love story! YAY!). Set in the late 2670s.
  12. Seyra (standalone following right after the 32nd Order books, setting up some important characters and events for Uncitizen’s Ship). Set in the mid-to-late 2680s.
  13. Taskforce Orion (a possibly epic series or standalone series of rebellion missions because I have ideas for a team. 3-5 books). Set in the 2680s onward.
  14. Uncitizen’s Ship (the book series I am writing now. Between 3-5 books long, depending on how the plot goes). Starts 2695.
  15. Renegades/Working Title (A duology or trilogy about the Persythian military (again) but a different generation facing a different threat–themselves). Set in the mid-to-late 2690s.
  16. Clean Up Crew (A standalone or duology about a group of janitors getting caught up in something bigger than themselves). Unknown time period. Just something fun to write.
  17. Untitled Series (between 3-5 books following a cast of characters that my family will roleplay with me after I create my tabletop RPG). Set anywhere between 2650 to 2670.

So, according to this rough list, I will have to write between 31-52 books to write. Yikes. So, as I’ve been thinking about this the past couple of days, I’ve decided to actually get back on writing since I took a short break.

Like I said, as I’ve been writing Camrun’s pov, I’ve been getting ideas for the 32nd Order bois, and I want to share with you some rough character concepts made via artbreeder.

And before you ask why they are all blond minus the one red-head, the people of Persyth have mostly blond hair, though a few are dark-haired or redheaded. Redheads are looked upon as welcome “mistakes” while darker-haired citizens are looked down upon as if their blood was made of dirt. The Persythians are all about aesthetics and symmetry so the more aesthetically pleasing you are, the better. Not to mention, they blame the ancestor of the dark-haired people for the loss of their home planet, soooo… the beef is real.

That’s all for today!

How many books do you want to write before you die?

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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