Kopp in 2019

A. F. Kopp is a 21-year-old writer with a love of crafting relatable and eye-opening stories. Whether through sweet protagonists (or totally unreliable ones), Kopp tries to bring readers into a world only to broaden the scope of what life can truly mean through meaningful relationships, redemption, and an understanding of one’s faith.

Kopp started writing at 7 years old whenever she was “forced” to write a 20-page book when she was homeschooled and ended up only finishing because of her competitiveness to beat her older sister in finishing first. But after a while, writing captured her heart with its ability to tell a story in so many different ways.

Kopp has been awarded for her poetry and is currently in the process of getting her debut novel, the Hope of Hattie Phelan, published.

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