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Writer’s Log: March KDWC, Week 3 | UNCITIZENS

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! Aggie here with another Writer’s Log! This week has a bit of a longer post because I info-dumped some world-building. I hope you enjoy it!

March 15th, 2023

So, I wrote with a pencil today because I was too lazy to find my pen bag and it is really late. I spent most of my time writing descriptions as Camrun walked through his city, Essanto, the capital of Persyth. I draw a lot of comparisons between the wealth in the City Center and his home in the Caretto District (which is off of a wing of the floating city).

Below is one of the original concepts I drew yesterday.

These cities float on the atmosphere of gas giants (this is a Persythian model), and there are four Wings usually (N, S, E, W), and the main City Center likes in the middle of it. Because of the lack of space, many poor families have to live on ships connected to the edge of the Wings. These are called the Wastes since sometimes ships are detached and drift off into the toxic atmosphere with the trash.

This is an example of the Wing that was originally called Leels Row. The dots on the outside mark the ships attached.

370 // 10,213

March 16th, 2023

Finally finished Chapter 6! It’s almost 2k words long and covers a lot of life on Persyth. I enjoyed writing in the third person, cuz I could explain the world a lot better without sounding too weird. Plus, Camrun just met some minor antagonists…

I also edited 1k words onto my computer. Not to mention, I worked more on the map of Essanto.

It is fun to world-build like this. I am able to grasp the culture which will help me for this book, future projects, and even for a possible TTRPG I want to make (keep your eyes peeled for this, cuz I don’t think I’ve publicly announced this yet).

And for those curious, I will talk about the Wings and Sectors of Essanto (some names have changed since I wrote them down).

Wings = the four added circles to the city.

C – Essanto City Center (AKA City Center) | Wealth: PLENTIFUL | Resource: GOVERNMENT/BANKING

  • The center dome of the floating city contains most of the living quarters, businesses, and governmental buildings.

N – Rulls District (AKA the Rulls) | Wealth: HIGH | Resource: EDUCATION

  • A huge campus for education ranging from Essanto Academy to the actual University of Persyth.

S – Caretto District (AKA Caretto Docks) | Wealth: LOW | Resource: REPAIR/DOCKS

  • Though it is where most traffic from other cities and planets comes into, the people who live there are poor.

E – Leels District (AKA Leels Row) | Wealth: DEPRAVED | Resource: FACTORIES/POWER

  • Poorer than Caretto, the people of Leels are barely making ends meet. The highest potential of Drifters and Castaways off of the Wastes are here.

W – Sentry District-E1 (AKA the 1st Garrison) | Wealth: AVERAGE | Resource: MILITARY

  • The military base of Essanto, the first of the Sentry’s Order.

And there are also Sectors which are sections of the City Center (think like slices of pie).

C – The Hallmark

  • This is where most of the political buildings and important services are located, including the Capital Building where Camrun goes to take an examination for the Heraldry Foundation.

N – Uptown

  • This Sector is right before the Northern Bridge that leads to the Rulls (educational district). Uptown is where the wealthy upperclassmen live, and fine dining/luxuries are commonplace here.

S – Essanto Heights

  • This Sector stands between the Hallmark and the Southern Gate which blocks off the Southern Wing, the Caretto Docks. This is where tourists and visitors will stay. There are many attractions here.

E – Dotten

  • This is the Eastern Sector off of the Wing, Leels Row. This is a poorer area, mostly focusing on small businesses. A lot of apartments for cheap, but for a risk.

W – The Barracks

  • The military lodging and veteran business sector off of the 1st Garrison Wing. Retired Sentry live here or the families of 1st and 2nd class Sentry as well.

NE – Loff Wilds

  • An artificial, closed-off wildlife park nestled between Uptown and Dotten.

NW – The Mietto Strip

  • A high-end shopping and arts sector overflowing with culture. Is located between Uptown and the Barracks.

SE – The Drill

  • The part of town you don’t want to go to unless you have the plan to lose your money (from gambling or getting mugged). Black markets, gambling zones, secret societies, and the like. This sector is between Dotten and Essanto Heights.

SW – Highrise Plaza

  • Nestled between Essanto Heights and the Barracks, it is a chill place to hang with a mall and good food.

467 // 10,680

March 17th, 2023

Happy St. Patricks Day!

848. Wrote a bit about Camrun’s examinations, stopping after a short section break. I think that I left myself a good place to start tomorrow and hopefully, I can catch up then. I don’t think I have much tomorrow. I am gonna have to write over 600 words a day I think in order to finish on time. I’m so glad I lowered my word count because I just got a job as well as writing this by hand, it would’ve been near impossible. I mean, I could’ve but it might’ve been unhealthy for me. I barely have enough time to write as is, usually doing so in the late hours of the night.

I also transferred 1,002 words from paper to my computer. I finished chapter two and instead of being 3,905 words like it is on paper, it is at 4,708 words. I’m able to fill in stuff, take stuff out, and make it a lot more cohesive as I’m transferring, so I definitely like this a lot better because I am basically editing as I’m writing.

Now I’m at 58%.

848 // 11,528

March 18th, 2023

Today, I finished chapter 7 which is from Camrun’s perspective. I’ve been in his head for the past two chapters which are interesting and helping me world-build Essanto where he lives, but I miss Jekkh, haha. And I want to get to the part with Janet, my favorite character.

I finished writing at 4 pm, and am glad to move on. I want to work on world-building and RPG game stuff. Or chill out and watch YT videos.

618 // 12,146

March 19th, 2023

Didn’t write anything today. Had a long day, mostly out of town.

0 // 12,146

March 20th, 2023

Only wrote 218 words. Today was my first day at work and didn’t write until right before bed. I didn’t do a writing sprint because it was so late. I am finally in Jekkh’s POV again. This chapter is where things get exciting!

218 // 12,364

March 21st, 2023

Reached 66% in my book today! During my break and daycare naptime, I wrote 931 words! This is actually gonna be amazing since I can easily write 2 hours a day now at work! LET’S GO!

The excitement just started in the chapter, so it’ll be easy to pick up tomorrow. Or even later today, if I feel up for it.

Transferred 1,437 words from paper to the doc. I finished half of chapter three, and it’s getting late. Since I have to wake up early for work, it’s best to end here. On paper, the total word count so far was 4,921, but on my doc I have reached 6,145 words. Even better! I will say, since I first started writing, I understand a lot more about the world (more specifically about Persyth), so I have more to pull from and can better explain the world since I actually know what it looks and feels like now.

931 // 13,294

Thank you for reading!

Do you enjoy world-building?

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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