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Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! I am A. F. Kopp, a Christian writer, and creator! Today, I realized that I forgot to plan ahead regarding the blog post, so I’m pulling out a sorta lame idea I had a while back. I mean, if you love music then this is a post for you!

I have so many playlists on Spotify. It’s not even funny. I even deleted over half of them and I still have a lot: 26. 6 of those are for different books and worlds, you could say. I have even more that I listen to while writing if I want broader moods and themes, but I wanted to share the most common ones I have.

Tuckerton, Iowa -“The Hope of Hattie Phelan” & the Hattie Series.

This is my Historical Fiction writing playlist. It is one of my older playlists on Spotify and I’ve even combed through it a few times (a new deleting spree is needed), but it’s at a whopping 10 hours and 49 minutes.

I’ve been curating this playlist for three years (before I became a Spotify junkie, I was a devout Amazon Music user). When I switched to Spotify, I combed through a lot of the songs I had, but many of the ones I have now are still part of it. Though, since I use Spotify so much, I keep seeing new content and the playlist keeps growing.


Uncitizens – “The Uncitizen’s Ship” & Uncitizens Series.

This is my light-hearted sci-fi playlist. The songs in this playlist are more upbeat, sometimes goofy, and sweeter than in my other sci-fi playlist. Since the Uncitizens Series is a comedy and aimed at kids, it has a more cartoony soundtrack, though some pretty epic songs are on there.

This playlist is newer (not even a year) and it’s already at 12 hours and 4 minutes. It needs to be combed through, but I’m really proud of these songs. I love this playlist so much.


exnu – “Expedition Nu” & other stories in the Uncitizens Saga.

The Uncitizens Saga is different than the Uncitizens Series. The Uncitizens Series falls into the Uncitizens Saga (the latter is more like a title for the universe, much like how Star Wars is a universe name). This is a newer playlist I made at 7 hours and 13 minutes and mostly has the ANDOR soundtrack. That soundtrack is fire, not gonna lie. I will need to comb through and add more songs as well.

This playlist is more focused on the “space epic” aesthetic. Since Expedition Nu and other future series in the Uncitizens Saga universe are more serious in tone (not losing the goofiness), I needed songs that aren’t going to shock me out of the mood.


Almerlanians – Unnamed Fantasy Series

I want to eventually write a fantasy epic series and any time I work on it, I use this playlist (or if I want a breath of fresh air regarding music). This one is

There is a good mix of historical songs and epic orchestral pieces in here, but one of my favorite touches is Mongolian and some Asian music. Some of the cultures in my book are based off of these areas, and I love how beautiful their music is. I tried to capture the essence of the whole fantasy world in one playlist, so there are some songs that don’t fit each other, but I like how refreshing it is.


Soundtrack Albums – Yes.

This one is my longest playlist. It’s 29 hours and 40 minutes. Yikes. But I can explain. It has every album I’ve ever loved of soundtracks or instrumentalists, so in case I am on a long trip I can listen to all three of the Chronicles of Narnia soundtracks back to back, or listen to a Mandalorian song right after the 2019 Little Women soundtrack. If I don’t want to be bored or am writing more for my blog or newsletter, I will listen to this.


Christian Indie – Non-fiction

I also like to listen to this playlist while I write blog posts, and newsletters, or work on something creative. I can bop along and feel like I’m not wasting my time with secular music. Sometimes I love a good clean, secular music playlist while working, but these songs I found for my Christian Indie are small artists that are getting at the heart of things I think are important and are sometimes just as much of a bop as Dayglow.

(fun fact: I’m listening to this playlist while working on this post!)


Thank you guys for reading this week! What do you listen to when writing? Or do you prefer no sound?

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


3 thoughts on “Writing Playlists”

  1. Hey! Lovely post 🙂 I listen to music quite frequently when writing, not as much anymore, but music is just…. awesome. I have little words to describe how epic it is. Narnia! Yes! My childhood! XD I listen to a mix of different playlists, mostly movie soundtracks.
    Piano renditions of songs, Pirates of The Caribbean, LOTR (has some nice peaceful music and epic ones as well), The Hobbit, Star Wars sometimes, and any epic music in general. LOL.

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