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Bookcover Progression | tHoHP

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! A. F. Kopp here with a new and exciting blog post this week. I thought that I would share the timeline of book covers for my book, the Hope of Hattie Phelan with you guys.


This was when my character was called Agathe Landing instead of Hattie Phelan.

I had ideas for a full-length novel (set more in the 1830s during the Oregon Trail), but I had a short story collection about it that I made to be fake written by Walter Rickman (Walter’s name is the only one that’s basically stayed the same). Hattie was Agathe and before that, she was Evelyn Stray.

But, I actually still enjoy this one. The font is eye-catching and very beautiful. I love the old photo on it, though now, if I guess correctly, it looks like it is from the early 1900s (latest the 30s).

I like the mixed media concept.


This was when my character was called Agathe Landing instead of Hattie Phelan.

The plot was now very similar to what it is now, but I actually had more characters in this version.

I had a lot of fun creating the book cover texture. I started with a stock image of a burlap or canvas (I think from Annie Pratt maybe), and then did the rest myself. I loved creating the scratches and wear on it.

The art was an older version of Agathe/Hattie drawn by Olivia Kuhlman (handle @oganything).


This was when I shifted to the name Hattie Phelan.

I created this book cover to print for myself. It’s a larger book where I printed double paragraphs and left wide margins so I can edit it better.

I didn’t know how to work with the BookWright cover tool so I made it basic and white (I printed it through Blurb).

Also, this is featuring my favorite typeface, IM FELL. I did a whole school assignment on this font family/typeface before.

The art is Hattie drawn by Olivia Kuhlman (handle @oganything).

Early 2022

I created this book cover to print for myself.

As you can see, I brought back the green background from 2020 (I really love it), and used IM Fell fonts with gold. I was better using the BookWright software, but it still ended up coming out fuzzy.

The art is Hattie drawn by Olivia Kuhlman (handle @oganything).

Late 2022

I created this book cover to print for myself.

This time, the print was better off of BookWright (I managed to print it via downloading different parts of the book cover and applying them each manually. This will prolly be the last time I use Blurb for this.

Since the book begins and ends at a train station, I included the train in the cover. I created the clouds myself, which I’m still proud of (the steam is a brush though).

I put Hattie sowing seeds to hint at a theme that is talked about in the latter half of the book.

Wattpad 2023

I edited the previous cover in December of 2022, but I’m considering it 2023 since most of the book isn’t out yet.

I made the title larger so that it draws the eye more. I also changed the font of the series and author tags. I think I used the same as my blog font cuz why not. I might change that in the future, but at the time it seemed like a good idea and is easy to read from far away.

Another thing different is that I took the seeds out. After consulting someone, they mentioned that if I had not said what it was, they would not have known what that was, so I took it out. Also, I think that focusing on that theme for the cover was pushing it a bit since the sowing seeds theme is mostly in the latter third of the book. It’s something that Hattie very much goes through, but I think the cover looks good without it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the progression of tHoHP book covers! I definitely had fun creating these over the years, and also loved to walk back down memory lane to share my thoughts on them.

Also… this is my last post of 2022. Kinda sad because it was my most prolific year I think in general. I posted 25 blog posts this year (this is my 26th), so that is quite a milestone for me. Usually, I would quit this far into it.

Random fact aside, I have a question for you!

Which of these covers is your favorite?

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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