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Hattie Joins Wattpad | THOHP

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! A. F. Kopp here with some interesting news…

I’m posting my book, The Hope of Hattie Phelan, to Wattpad. Well, the unfinished draft.


There are a few reasons, actually.

  1. I have a small following. I have been building a following on Wattpad around my book, The Arrogance of Elegance, and it’s doing pretty well, so I will be giving my already readers new content so I can build excitement for future installments orrr… for my writing in general.
  2. The community. Wattpad is great about letting you connect with your readers. People can comment, I can respond, etc. I like this tool because I can find what parts are getting the most excitement from readers and so I can get excited with them!
  3. This is a stepping stone. I will still self-publish THOHP, but it’ll be further down the line since I’m waiting for my bigger edits to be done.
  4. I need to get my work out there. I’m a perfectionist. I worry about making things perfect in my eyes, but that means my works are holed away in a corner instead of moving on a learning from mistakes. I know my book isn’t perfect, but I gotta keep moving forward if I ever want to grow as a writer.
  5. I need to move on. I mentioned this a bit in the previous point, but I’ve been working on THOHP for over five years now (writing intently for almost 3 years). I want to move on to something else. Something like Uncitizen’s Ship which is therapeutic cuz I can be a goofball (be myself) when writing.

Those are my reasons, though few, they offer strong points that I believe are worth it. It’s worth the risk. If I want people to read my book, I gotta put it out there. Yes, this draft isn’t perfect, but it’s been edited by not only myself but through the eyes of a copyeditor (long story short, I am doing more editing cuz I skipped developmental edits and line edits).

But, without further ado… the Hope of Hattie Phelan is now available on Wattpad. Click the button below to be transported back to 1886. 😀

The Hope of Hattie Phelan

1886. Hattie Phelan, too sick to work in the factories, moves to live with her distant relatives in Iowa with Constance Daugherty, her fellow tenant from Chicago.

Hattie, embittered that her father is left behind, is angry towards God and Constance, blaming them for the hole she feels in her heart. Will her new life fill the hole or will she face the bitterness she holds toward God?

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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