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Writer’s Log: November 2022 | Uncitizens

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! November is here with an exciting new writer’s log. Though I’ve not done the official NaNoWriMo (I am tracking my word count on there), I am doing KDWC (which I have a blog post about here). In the month of November I was aiming for 17k new words for my story, Uncitizen’s Ship, to top my 13.5k to reach 30.5k at the end of the month. And I made that!!!

November 1st:

Chapter 11: The Eternal Smile of Terror

Having fun writing this. I am having fun with the wide range of characters and explaining the world around me. 

Janet, pretending she didn’t hear my father’s retort, sits down at the table, reaching over her propped out leg to pour cups of hot tea. But after filling one to the brim, instead of going to the next cup, she keeps pouring as tea spills over the sides of the square mug, rushing down like a waterfall off of the center table and onto the black and white patterned circular rug beneath the couches. As Commander Oonta gazes at the rug with a wince, Janet holds up the overflowing tea cup, sloshing the tea with a smile. “Tea, anyone?”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 11: The Eternal Smile of Terror

Chapter 12: Untitled

I know I keep mentioning this, but I freaking love to write about Janet. Passive aggressive AI tour guides are the best.


It was a rather eventful day. I got a lot done and had a lot of fun. My favorite character to write about is definitely Janet.

Word Count:

2,307 words.

November 2nd:

Chapter 12: Green Giants and Peace Offerings

Wasn’t able to write much since I had a full day at work, feel pretty sore, and have to go to an event tonight. 

Finished another chapter. That’s all I can write though.

 “Why are you running from your guards?” Cahlun asks, frowning slightly as Sophia hands him a piece of gum which he refuses. 

Sophia shrugs, rolling to an exhibit to read the inscription. “Because I don’t like being chased.” Cahlun opens his mouth to defend his fellow officers but Sophia sighs, interrupting him. “I also don’t like being watched like I’m a problem.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 12: Green Giants and Peace Offerings

Chapter 13: Untitled

Just kidding. I wrote more. Got back from a church event, and got another chunk of writing done for chapter 13. I’m excited to see where this goes because I am actually adding a lot more than I originally wanted to add, so my book might end up being longer than anticipated. And it’s not that I’m adding unimportant stuff. Each scene I’m writing is bringing you one step closer to discovering more things about the world and the potential threats in it. Also, character development!


One of my favorite things about writing is having a bare skeleton plan and then writing it to find out how to flesh it out. As I stated above, I’m adding quite a lot more than intended, but it is all good things that add to the plot, character dynamics, etc. I definitely am enjoying writing this more than THOHP. It’s just different.

Word Count:

1,993 words.

November 3rd:

Finished Chapter 13: Hope that Janet Doesn’t Find Out

Only added 6 words/2 dialogue tags to the chapter to finish it.

“You have a doctorate?” I ask, bewildered. I have only read of adults getting doctorates. 

Ahead of us, Sophia shrugs. “I dabble in college in my free time.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 13: Hope that Janet Doesn’t Find Out.

Chapter 14: Untitled

I only wrote in quick spurts (either sprints or wars) and did well, but after a while, I got too tired to write more (sick day off work). I ended up chilling out, watching Man of Steel and YT videos. Read a bit of THOHP.


I hit a lull around this day and it took me almost a week to get back on track. I had a rough patch here.

Word Count:

1,479 words.

November 5th:

Chapter 14: Untitled

Yesterday I didn’t feel like writing, so I decided to take a break. 


Like I said… a lull.

Word Count:

288 words.

November 7th:

Finished Chapter 14: Janet Found Out

I’ve not been super inspired to write because I know that I’ll have to rewrite a lot. I’m also exhausted emotionally. Mentally. Physically, and spiritually, too. 

“Rules are never stupid—” Cahlun and Dr. Robison say simultaneously. Doc clears his throat before adding, “unless they are. Sometimes they are.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 14: Janet Found Out.

Chapter 15: Untitled

Didn’t write much more than 300 words for this chappie. I wasn’t planning on writing this chapter, but the idea came up. I thought it’d be fun to meet the clueless Emperor of the planet the team is on.


Maybe I’m out of the lull.

Word Count:

743 words.

November 8th:

I finished Chapter 15: A Sweet Dinner With the Emperor

Finished it. Thought it was funny and now with the way I ended it, I will have a place to go off from writing it… though, I’m a bit discouraged since I realize that I’ll have to rewrite a lot of this. It definitely isn’t my best work.

“I can’t afford to have taste buds at this rate—” Piaannnoo starts, pausing at the offended look of Commander Oonta. “Er, I meant because I don’t expect the sweetness…” It’s silent. Cahlun coughs into his fist, stirring his beans on his plate. “I meant because I’m not used to sweetness.” Commander Oonta looks like his face is turning purple from holding his breath. “We don’t drink sweet things on Jjjeeerrroooaaaa.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 15: A Sweet Dinner With the Emperor


Hit another wall, dang it. 😦

Word Count:

956 words.

November 10th:

Chapter 16: We Didn’t Step Foot in The Room

I finished all of this chapter, writing it all fresh. It was another new idea that I didn’t include in the plot until after I plotted the book out. But, I think it’s an interesting situation that I put them in: Cahlun, the rule follower, almost breaks rules, Jekkh gets what she wants and regrets it, and then Sophia is awesome per usual.

“I don’t scare you, either…” Cahlun pauses, but I don’t reply. I will say I’ve been uneasy around him at first, not sure if he’s trustworthy, but I don’t think I’m scared of him. Cahlun shoulders his blaster.“…do I scare you?”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 16: We Didn’t Step Foot in the Room

Chapter 17: Always Read the Terms & Conditions and Offer Honest Book Reviews (EDITED)

I edited this chapter from the first time I wrote this book.

“But even I could do that for you,” I say with a laugh, taking a step closer. “My English is good due to Piaannnoo being a translator for the government. I can also give you book reviews and that tablet cannot.”

“But I wouldn’t know if you were lying or not.”

“I have no reason to lie to you,” I state simply, wondering why they were so worried about our honesty. The people of Jjjeeerrroooaaaa are honest people with high standards of justice. We will not lie for the sake of ourselves. “My book reviews are very honest.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 17: Always Read the Terms & Conditions and Offer Honest Book Reviews


Basically, with this new draft, I start earlier in the book and lengthen a lot of scenes… Also, I’m no longer having them go to Earth. I wanted to explore the alien planets that were floating in my head–especially the planet the team is on now, Riirii X’Eaa. It’s the planet that started the whole idea of Uncitizens. Janet was really the first real character by accident. I had Janet/Riirii X’Eaa as a separate idea than the planet destroyed by flapjacks, but it all came together beautifully.

Word Count:

3,161 words edited and written.

November 11th:

Chapter 18: The God Who Hears (EDITED)

[I didn’t have a date on this one, so no idea]. But this was also edited from my old version. The last part was new, though.

“I can’t fight you, Rupert,” Cahlun lets out after a moment, tossing his blaster aside. “But I can’t let you arrest her.”

Officer Rupert lowers his blaster for a moment, before bringing it up again. “Cahlun, we all swore—”

“I swore my allegiance to the Deins and to protection and loyalty.” Cahlun shakes his head, pointing at me.  “I swore to protect her with my life. And that’s what I’ll do, Rupert. Until my last breath.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 18: The God Who Hears

Chapter 19: Unfinished

Wrote 400 words. This is the furthest I’ve written in this book and I’m excited but sorta scared to start writing this much new content.


It’ll be interesting seeing what the next few days bring as I am adjusting to this new phase in writing… I can no longer fall back on pre-written material!!

Word Count:

2,125 words edited and written.

November 12th:

Chapter 19: Don’t Try to Steal Broken Ships Without A Mechanic

Got to do the fun line about ILLEGAL. I wrote a line that I thought was funny earlier in the week or longer ago, and I was finally able to use it. Also, I finished the chapter.

Sophia nods as if he made a good point. “I audited those classes fair and square.”

Cahlun narrows his eyes at her. “Why’d you have to say fair and square?”

“Because people assume I do illegal things.”

“You do illegal things?”

Sophia claps her hands, pointing accusingly at Cahlun. “Exactly! You’re just like everyone else. Just because I’m a rebel leader’s daughter doesn’t mean I’m illegal all the time.”

“You’re illegal?” 

“You’re a rebel leader’s daughter?” I ask with a smile, glad I can join in on the banter.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 19: Don’t Try to Steal Broken Ships Without A Mechanic

Chapter 20: Unfinished

Janet is BAAACCCKKK. Also, I’m very exhausted, but overall happy with the word turnout of the day. 

(Also wrote a short story about Jaze and Desree dancing together. It’s so cute). 


It was fun to get a feel of what the team is like outside of my OG plans and version. I will say, I realize that I don’t like how mean Sophia is all the time. I wanted her to be more balanced like my little sister: fiesty, but motherly and sassy and a caregiver. That is a battle for another time, I think.

Word Count:

1,571 words.

November 14th:

Chapter 20: Unfinished

I’m not in the mood to write scifi, so this will do for today. 


I sense a lull coming. Life’s been super crazy rn. No energy to do anything.

Word Count:

225 words.

November 18th:

Chapter 20: Unfinished

It’s been a crazy past few days and I’ve not felt like writing. But I forced myself to sit down in this hot hotel room and write a few words in like nine minutes. Finally have an idea of where I want this chapter to go. 


Welp, I’ve not done much the past few days. My schedule is a bit shaken up at the moment, but I’m super relieved of some stressors.

Word Count:

672 words.

November 19th:

Chapter 20: What is Flight Tactic Zero-X-40?

Tired, but glad to finally finish the chappie strong… It still needs a lot fo work.

Cahlun grunts under his breath before muttering, “It’s like asking me to try to win a debate with a lawyer without having any prep work.”

“Was it hard?” I ask, looking up at Cahlun beside me. He turns to face me, wisps of his pale blond hair flying up as the fan in the dashboard blows at him. “I assume that it was hard to win a debate with a trained lawyer when you are just a pilot.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 20: What is Flight Tactic Zero-X-40?

Chapter 21: Unfinished

A lot of work is needed, but at least I’m getting somewhere with this new chapter I’m starting.


It’s definitely hard to write new content. When you have an idea in your head, it’s scary to try to make it for fear of making it correctly.

Word Count:

1,640 words.

November 21st:

Chapter 21: Define TLC

Reached my wordcount for the month. Want to finish the chapter at least before I take a break with this. I wanted to finish the chapter, but I might end it here anyway. It’s reached 1.5k words and I might make another chapter to cover this scene.

“That’s my godgrandma,” Sophia states, pulling a pair of working gloves out of her satchel to shove onto her hands. “Granny Hopkins.”

Cahlun glances at Sophia, brows furrowing. “How many godrelatives do you have?”

“Too many to count,” Sophia chuckles out as Janet crashes and tumbles out of the ramp and onto the cracked road. 

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 21: Define TLC


When you plot things out chapter by chapter, you mix things up a bit. I can’t tell you how many times I split chapters up, or added more that weren’t part of the OG plan. But, I feel it adds to the book (and I prefer shorter chapters anyway).

Word Count:

927 words.

So! You made it thus far. Thank you guys for reading! I reached over 30.5k this month and am super excited to see where this book takes me! I am taking a short break from it. Life is crazy right now. This post isn’t perfect, but at least it’s here! Haha.

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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