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Writer’s Log: October 2022 | Uncitizens

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! A. F. Kopp is here with an exciting new post… My writer’s log for October 2022! This past month I’ve tried to write down my thoughts on writing in the notes of my Scrivener document which has been fun (and slightly annoying when I forget and have to rewrite the experience).

I hope you enjoy it!

October 2nd:

I finished chapter 3! It’s titled: The OSA Magician Who’s Too Tall for His House

I also spent many hours into the night plotting and planning this “new” version. I was at a writer’s block before feeling it was too short and not a good plot, so I wrote part of the prequel, found a cool plot for that which leads greatly into Uncitizens, and finally formulated enough plots for everything.

So, the new version of the book should be 30 chapters (give or take).

“Naa’Li, Jeje. The suns shine on you.” Dr. Robison’s attempt at the Jerroan greeting brought a smile to my face.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 3: The OSA Magician Who’s Too Tall for His House

October 3rd:

1,130 words were written/edited in the coffee shop this morning. My sisters came with me and I had a good time. I finished Chapter 4, “Comprehensive Research of Earthlings and Their Card Games.”

I had a prompt that was an idea for a NEW opening line, but instead, it opens the new chapter 4. The opening line is, “They speak of it again.”

I had fun with this one because I was able to write my own fake history books which is something that is always fun. The Milky Way Infiltration: A Comprehensive History by Dr. Mupheus and The Milky Way Infiltration: A Second, More Thorough, Comprehensive, Conspiratorial History That Might Get Me Fired also by Dr. Mupheus. I was just going to let Dr. Mupheus be a mentioned-only character, but my sister, Lilly, begged me to include him more. Soooo, this might not be the last time he is mentioned or seen.
The end of the chapter is the same (I sorta split the original chapter between the new chapter 1 and chapter 4.


I improved the Uncitizen’s artbreeder pieces and put together a family tree. I also finished the late newsletter and will send it out tomorrow.

Did the moon pull on the water like strings of a puppeteer?

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 4: Comprehensive Research of Earthlings and Their Card Games

October 7th:

Chapter 5: The Blue Mustache

I can’t remember the exact timeline for finishing this chapter, but an educated guess would be what I gave above.

It was probably later in the week because I started bringing my computer to work so I could write or do my “second job of music stuff” on my breaks. It worked out fairly well. Since I’m in a focused mindset at work, I can easily get into a productive mood on break, so I find myself getting a lot done. I’d even get to town early to write at a coffee shop down the road from work and walk over when my shift started.

Chapter 6, unfinished.

Wrote the first half on my break, I believe. Two paragraphs or so were kept from the old book, but the rest was all new stuff.

The ground seems to shake as the fly shuttle appears on the horizon, the heat waves shimmering before it.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 5: The Blue Mustache

October 8th:

Chapter 6: I Fought for the Extra “K”

Wrote a whole new section: my first ever interrogation scene that I can remember. I really liked finishing this chapter because it set into motion some new plot devices–the MC gets her name changed (unwillingly) and so, it’s the first step of seeing how controlling some systems are in this world.

Chapter 7: Scent Machines and the Truth

A lot of this part was old stuff which I edited to flow better with my more detailed plot since I now know where this story is going (before I was just kinda writing off the seat of my pants).
It’s practically identical to the old draft, but I just added some filler in the beginning to change the circumstances, etc.

Chapter 8: Oil-Flavored Bubblegum

I edited this after finding out my historical fiction, The Hope of Hattie Phelan, was rejected by the first literary agent. I was actually quite happy and at peace with the answer, so I decided to do what I know God called me to do: Write.

Luckily, the company was super nice, giving me book recs and giving me the closure I needed. Overall, it was an amazing experience in which I celebrated over pocky sticks and sushi (the only tears spilled were from too much wasabi on one piece).

Just a note, I might eventually write a chapter in between or lengthen this one (it’s only at 719) because I feel I could add more interactions between Jekkh and Cahlun because they are now going to be seeing a lot of each other. Also, I want to get Sophia’s character right.

“Is that gum authorized?” he asks before she sighs. Sophia digs the package out of her pocket, spitting her gum out of her mouth to place in his hand as well. He looks at it for a moment and shoves it in his pocket.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 8: Oil-Flavored Bubblegum

October 10th:

Chapter 9, unfinished.

At a coffee shop (the one I went to with my sisters last Monday). I want to get into the habit of going every Monday.
Have to start this chapter from scratch and since they are landing on a new planet, I want to make sure I can get the experience right. This planet (Riirii X’Eea) was what started this whole idea a few years ago. I originally wanted to make it a TV/animated series, but with the little animation skills I have, that is a near-impossible task. So, I started writing it as a book probably less than a year ago.

Even though we’ve been here for seven days, we haven’t had any time to grieve the loss of our planet.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 9: Untitled

October 17th:

Chapter 9, unfinished.

Writing at home this time. Had a long, weekend trip, so I’ve been unable to touch any writing (especially since work was crazy). I took my first plane trip and that will inspire a lot of this chapter with flying and stuff.

October 22nd:

Worked on footnotes for all that I have written so that I can incorporate them into the finished project for fun.

October 25th:

This chapter (chapter 9, still) is definitely hard to write. I finished another paragraph but it is not even 200 words yet. Writing new content is hard because I want to get to the next part.


Got a bit more excited as I started to just write dialogue (I can fill in tags and descriptions later). I got to an interesting part about Kaence’s family and life on Persyth. It’s hard not to just puke out information, so I’ll have to edit this again to ensure it runs smoothly. Luckily, since Jekkh knows barely any about Persyth, it makes it easier to explain things without sounding like an information freak.

I have heard of the Wastes. Since Persyth is a gas planet, the only way to live on it is in floating cities. But since they are only so big, the ones who can’t afford a place on the floating city, they have ships of sorts attached by ropes. It’s highly dangerous to live there because if one’s bills went unpaid, you’d be Cast-Off.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 9: Untitled

October 31st:

Chapter 9: A Jerroan’s Guide to Asking Uncomfortable Questions

I finished this stupid chapter! I filled in the dialogue with tags and descriptions and made it less of an information dump. I’m now quite happy with this chapter SINCE I FINISHED IT AND THERE IS BONDING AND FRIENDSHIPPPP. My favorite things!

691 written today in this chapter. It comes to a total of 1,235 words. I’m happy with that length. I prefer shorter chapters ranging from 1k to 2.5k since it’s easier to separate for chapter naming and, if needed, take a break when reading.

“What brought you to the military?” I am genuinely curious since I know nothing of militaries and how they work. Jjjeeerrroooaaaa only experienced one war, dubbed the War, and didn’t even participate in the fighting or politics. “I know nothing of artillery or armed forces because it isn’t the Jerroan approach to life.”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 9: A Jerroan’s Guide to Asking Uncomfortable Questions

Chapter 10: The Art of Sniffing Werkles

Well, this was quite easy to write. I think I’m finally getting out of writer’s block!!!


I definitely had a lot more fun with this chapter, writing all 1.2k in one day. I got to the part I’ve been excited to write since first creating the characters, so I’m glad to be able to get back into the writing groove. Just in time, too! The KDWC is starting tomorrow and I’ll be able to write more of my book. I’m aiming for a total of 30k and right now I’m at 13k.

Piaannnoo sniffs disdainfully as he looks about the room. “Where are we? This seems rather high end for your average spaceport.”

“This is no ‘average’ spaceport, Mr. Miles,” Commander Oonta spat, gesturing to the almost-blindingly white interior with shining floors and windowed walls, his blue mustache twitching in rage. “This is Emperor Kaalii’s personal spaceport in which he has graciously bestowed upon us in this intergalactic emergency to offer support to you and your people. Take that into account before making any disdainful retorts or comments.”

As Commander Oonta stomps off in his Qeet’taan way, Piaannnoo scoffs beneath his breath. “Who sniffed his werkle?”

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 10: The Art of Sniffing Werkles

Chapter 11: Untitled

I wrote 257 words in this chapter and it’s super fun to explore the character, Janet the Planet Chaperoid. She’s a robot, a savage one at that, so it’s fun to use customer service against anyone who wrongs her. My total word count for the day is 2,192.

Don’t anger your Chaperoid. We learned the hard way.

Uncitizen’s Ship, Chapter 10: The Art of Sniffing Werkles

So, this month I reached a total word count of 13,351. My goal is to write 17,000 words next month, but we shall see.

Thank you guys so much for reading this! Do you like this style of the post where it’s just a writer’s log with my notes while writing? Let me know!

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


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