Mr. Malcolm’s List Review | Random

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! A. F. Kopp here! Today I am going to be reviewing the new Regency Rom-Com, “Mr. Malcolm’s List” for you guys.

Firstly, I want to say, when the original short film came out a couple of years ago (2019), I watched it and eagerly awaited some more news since the short film ended with “to be continued.”

I stumbled upon the trailer of the movie a couple of months ago before realizing that it was the very same movie. They even kept a majority of the actors from the main characters to the servants. The biggest change I could see was that Julia Thistlewaite was no longer played by Gemma Chan but replaced by Zawe Ashton. I will say that I did like Chan’s more toned-down version of Julia, but Ashton definitely took the comedy part of it and ran with it. The only complaint I have with Ashton’s acting was that it seemed she acted a lot with her shoulders, haha.

My overall opinion of the movie is good. I really enjoyed it, got quite a few laughs from it, and was surprised at how wholesome it was. The characters went through arcs and made mistakes, but apologized and tried to fix things. I was very glad I went to watch it. I was never bored throughout it–you could say I didn’t blink.

Historically speaking, I was very surprised. Regarding the cast, historically speaking, you would have never had as diverse a cast, but since it’s what I consider Historical Fantasy, it didn’t take away from the movie–in fact, the talent was good!

I was a bit upset by the hair that was not put up! This happens in almost every historical movie and at this point, I shouldn’t get upset, but if I recall correctly, WOMEN WOULD NOT WEAR THEIR HAIR DOWN. Once they reached womanhood, they would pile it up on their head–Nuf said.

I also got to watch it with my sisters, Lilly and Arden, and my friend, Autumn. It was a fun outing!

I now want to read the book version of Mr. Malcolm’s List (2009). I’ve heard mixed reviews of it, but still want to read.

Welp, that is it, folks! Stay tuned for my next post.


A. F. Kopp

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