Heartmender NEW Cover Reveal | Random

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! A. F. Kopp here, back with another blog post–but this time I am talking about one of my favorite books.

Heartmender by V. Romas Burton originally came out in 2019 and I ended up reading it in July of 2021. I gave it 5 stars and here is what I wrote on it:

I couldn’t put it down. The struggles and temptations that Addie faced were relatable and extremely climactic each time she faced them.

This book is like a mix of ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Dante’s Inferno. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next book.

my goodreads review

Let’s just say I read the second in the trilogy, Heartbreaker, the next month. And the title fits the book. It really did break my heart reading it. I never ended up reading the final part of the trilogy, but at the time of writing this blog post, it has been bought and is on the way to my doorstep. Hopefully soon!

I am writing this post because there is a new cover reveal for the Heartmender book since it was republished under a different company. I am super excited about the success of this book! V. Romas Burton is very cool and very kind and I am glad that it has a new cover. BUY IT!

Salutations, fellow adventurers!

A. F. Kopp

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