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Writing a Sci-fi Comedy??? | Uncitizens

Hello, fellow campaigners in the world! It’s A. F. Kopp again and this post should be out of this world! *cough* I will be talking about aliens.

Before you start jumping to conclusions that I’m one of those weirdos who is looking for aliens on doorknobs, I’ll shut the door right there. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking science fiction.

I have always been daunted to touch the genre of sci-fi for many reasons:

1. science was my worst subject in school (not so much soft science)
2. it is a big universe out there so that is daunting to write about
3. knowing me, I want to vividly portray the different cultures and aliens so that would be hard
4. I don’t want to limit my writing style (I often read sci-fi or watch it and it is more dry and serious and dramatic. I had enough of that writing a historical fiction book!)

So, I never tried to write sci-fi besides a short story for my Lil bro and dad who love the genre. But, for some reason, I always had an idea for a TV show.

I wanted to create a sci-fi comedy show about an alien who has a spaceship that used to be a school ship. Don’t start thinking it’s a Magic School Bus rip-off because it’s not. In dire situations, because of the ship’s “Siri-like” interface, the aliens on board need to solve math problems to escape. That was just an old prompt I created to start brainstorming the idea, but as time passed I knew I would never make a TV show. God never really opened doors for me in that field. But I could write.

So, after brainstorming I found a way to tell an allegorical eschatological sci-fi comedy… but how on Earth would I write it? That seemed daunting.

After my older sister (who has been rooting for this story for ages) egged me on to write it, I started. And I’m honestly in love with it, haha. I am able to write more freely and step into my personality whilst writing it unlike the Hope of Hattie Phelan. And because it is sci-fi, I can make up stuff! I don’t have to constrict myself to write as if it is the year 1886!

I’m still in the writing draft (it’s been a while since I’ve been in this phase!) so this section is subject to change, but I wanted to share the opening preface/prologue/reader’s note.

click pic for a link to book page (opens a new tab)


It all started with a flapjack. Yes, a flat, fluffy disk-shaped breakfast food that is usually topped with a sticky sauce you Earthlings call “Maple Syrup.” From what I’ve heard, you also think of this breakfast dish with warmth and reminiscence, but all I can think of is “breakfast dish of death.” Yes, I’ve heard that flapjacks are quite delicious, but that ideology is quickly tossed out whenever a misplaced flapjack destroys a whole planet.

My name is Jekkh Miles—more like my new name given to me by the Earthlings. You see, your government saw that your breakfast food brought the demise of my whole planet, so they decided to make it up to my people by offering to host us as immigrants.

Also, they would change our names.

My full name was Jejekekekehe Mielakales. But that apparently was too complex for them to say, even though they were probably a couple of thousand years ahead of my people in technology. Thus they shortened it to Jekkh Miles. My mother, Miaalllaa, fought for the extra “k”.

I used to live on planet Jjjeeerrroooaaaa. Yes, three ‘J’s, three ‘E’s, three ‘R’s, three ‘O’s, and four ‘A’s. It’s a lot to take in. Most Earthling languages don’t use more than three or more of the same letters back-to-back, and it’s even weirder to have an extra letter on the end. It’s not ‘organized’ as you Earthlings call it. I don’t get what internal organs have to do with letters, but some things by you Earthlings are to be left untouched by the so-called “extra-terrestrial”.

But, I bet you are wondering, why is this Jerroan girl telling us all of this? Well, to be clear, I’ve had quite the adventure since Jjjeeerrroooaaaa was destroyed. In fact, I’ve been a vigilante, roaming the galaxies to find others who will join my cause. I am not the first nor will I be the last of the aliens who must find a new home thanks to governments like Earth’s. I will not stand and watch the governments of every other planet send the people they hurt away unless they conform to the new standards. I will not stand for a system that creates more Uncitizens than citizens.

So, the real question is, will you join me?

It’s a bit out there, for sure, but I am having fun whilst writing to my goofball and antagonistic heart’s content (I make a lot of hard points through comedy and like to make people uncomfortable. Sorry not sorry).

Welp, that is all I have for you today. Check out the link to the main book page to catch a synopsis, Pinterest link, and eventually more by clicking the “Uncitizen’s Ship” logo picture above or by finding it in my “Writing” tab on the Menu.

Salutations, fellow [space] adventurers!

A. F. Kopp

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