You Are the God of Salvation | Poem

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Lord, You are Good and I will give You praise 
With everything I have, I will praise Your Holy Name. 
You are the God of salvation, all mercy comes from You 
You are the God of restoration, You make all things new. 

Let my soul cry out from the miry clay,  
for He raised me from my grave.
Let the people give the Lord their praise, 
for His breath fills our lungs. 

You lifted me from the field of lies
in which I was entangled in.
You snatched me from the burning fire
whenever I was suffocating.

You carried me from the path of destruction.
You ransomed me when I was bound.
You are the God of my salvation 
Thanks to You, I have been found. 

Now I will sing for You all my days, 
You are the sweetest melody 
Now I will dance to give You praise, 
for Your drum is my heartbeat 

I will give You my life like You gave Your Son 
If Your Son died for me, I will die for You.  
Bless the Lord, O my soul. 
I’ve been saved, Thank the Lord. 

circa. November 2021

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