"The Hope of Hattie Phelan"

Harriet “Hattie” Phelan | tHoHP Character Sheet

Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! I hope you are excited to see things about my book characters because I sure am excited to share them!

These characters have been so fun to craft into who they are today, but I won’t lie and say they’re done growing, because I still don’t know everything about them.

art by @og_anything

Name: Harriet Grey “Hattie” Phelan
DOB/Age: July 9th, 1870 (15/16)
POB: Chicago, Illinois
Residency: Townhouse, Chicago, Illinois (1870-1871). Unknown luxurious residency, Chicago, Illinois (1871-1875). Townhouse, Chicago, Illinois (1876-1884). The Slums, Chicago, Illinois (1884-1886). Gillan Homestead, Tuckerton, Iowa (1886-).
Backstory: Hattie grew up in Chicago, first in a townhouse with her mother and father. Her mother gave birth to a baby boy, before catching an illness going around. The baby boy passed away shortly after contracting the illness, and then Hattie’s mother passed away the next week. After that, her father lost his job and the two of them had to move to the slums. After working in the canning factory for one year, and then the textile factories for another, Hattie gets sick, so she must be sent to Iowa to her aunt and uncle she never met.

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