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Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! I hope your haven’t met any abysmal plot holes, come face-first into the writer’s block wall, or any sort of lull in your adventure.

I like to sometimes think about how everyone is so different–I know this is randomly injected in the blog post, but it’s the way I want to start it, so sue me. Haha!

But like I was saying, everyone is vastly different in their goals, callings, and ideas on life, which is so crazy to think. I mean, there are how many people on the earth? not to mention the deceased or yet to live. But today, I wanted to share with you my calling–or at least the direction I am heading in at the moment.

So, ever since I was a kid, I found the idea of being a missionary exhilarating, precious, and needed. In my homeschool curriculum there were quite a few books about missionaries, and I always was on the edge of my seat with the idea of going to new places and doing work for God. But, I was afraid. I had read on how some were hurt and died for their faith, went to jail, or their message wasn’t always received. I let fear rule out any passion of being a missionary in my young mind. But it wasn’t until 2019 when I got a couple prophecies over me at churches saying how I’ll be a missionary and it brought back memories. Only my family knew about my longing for that in the past, so I thought it was interesting that people spoke that over me. But, I was still hesitant. I wanted to be a writer, get married, settle down in a Victorian house, and have a bunch of kids. That would’ve gotten in the way of my plans, plus the idea of possibly being a martyr didn’t sound fun.

But after a few months, I realized that being a missionary didn’t have to be outside of the country, so I decided that I would see where God took me in the U. S. A. before thinking about out of country. But then I got to work under my friend, Skye, at a fast food restaurant, and she told me she went on a missions trip to Romania. I had almost went on a missions trip to build a house, but it didn’t work out and I felt it would never happen. But when Skye showed me pictures of Romania, I almost teared up because of the little orphans she was able to minister to. But that brought me back to when I was a little kid and my mom was reading a book to me about all the countries and how they needed Jesus. There were two pages about Romania and I remember my mom always cried at that one. She told me of how she always wanted to be a missionary there.

And then I got curious. Skye told me stories about her times there, so I found a documentary about a missionary group that works in Romania on a streaming service and watched it. I cried. I was able to hold it in until the end when they showed clips of the kids and the people, and I cried. I realized that I wanted to go.

So, I pulled out my Duolingo app, grabbed a linguistic book on Romanian and got to it. I didn’t know how I’d get there, but I knew I wanted to. But then there was a lull, since my family and I were moving out-of-state, and that meant it would be harder to go to Romania with Skye like planned. And with the crazy move I was too busy to get into the language.

But I have FINALLY started back up on learning Romanian and hopefully Skye and I will learn together. I don’t know what my current plan is but I do know that I have a calling towards missions and evangelism. I mean people I barely knew have told my that it was my calling. I’ve strayed for a long time, but whether I go to Romania or Croatia or China or Africa or stay in the U. S., I know that God knows where I need to go most and where I will be most effective.

That’s all for now, but I hope you enjoyed hearing what my ministry plan is for the future.

Salutations, fellow adventurers!

A. F. Kopp
= Psalm 19:14 | Isaiah 53:6 | James 1:27 =

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