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Hello, fellow campaigners of the writing world! I hope you have been keeping up with your reading lists (I’m sure they are long), and are being inspired to write stories of your own.

Today I wanted to talk about some authors who wrote books that inspired me on my writing journey. I will not name them all, but I will share the ones who have impacted my life the most.

Hands down, I love Janette Oke’s stories the most. Her series, “Love Comes Softly”, got me into loving to read the Christian, Historical Romance genre. Before reading it, I was solely into fantasy and dystopia, but my tastes wildly changed after her book. Her books also made me want to delve deeper into scripture since her characters really seemed to love and trust the Lord. My favorite of Oke’s books is “A Woman Named Damaris”, which I will probably reread this year. I have to read it at least once a year—at least, if not more.

Louisa May Alcott is a legend in my books—pun intended. I enjoy her lively, realistic characters, her friendly writing style, and just everything about the “Little Women” series. I love her characters and writing style the most. I strive to write characters as lovely and relatable as she did.

Jane Austen—who has a wit and a formality all in one. How I strive to write as intelligently and cleverly as she did. Her books seem very educated and proper, but she has an underlying wit and cleverness which makes her work stand out. I wish I could combine the two as well as she did.

Though I haven’t read much of her work, I really admire Grace Livingston Hill. She wrote at least 100 books over her life time and from what I’ve heard, most of them point to God or mention Him in someway. I really aspire to write a lot of books, though I would prefer quality over quantity.

Lastly, I’ll mention L. M. Montgomery for it was her characters (even though it was the 1980s Miniseries) from Anne of Green Gables that gave me the inspiration to write my story. How I loved the dynamic between Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley, for it is probably my OTP. Darcy and Elizabeth being a close second.

I know this is short, but it’s all I’ve got.

Salutations, fellow adventurers!


A. F. Kopp

= Psalm 19:14 | Isaiah 53:6 | James 1:27 =

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